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Advisory for Companies

Conway Advisory’s professionals have successfully advised companies from numerous industries on how to expand their business to new markets around the world. The growing number and geographic scope of market and location alternatives around the world have made expansion and relocation decisions riskier and more complex. Increasingly short decision cycles as well as the risk of personal bias contribute to the value of using a specialized and objective advisor who can deliver complex assignments within short timeframes. 

Conway Advisory assists companies with the evaluation of new markets and the assessment of the best market entry mode as well as the development and implementation of expansion strategies. We can help you prepare a business and financial plan for your expansion or relocation, identify suitable distributors, joint venture partners or acquisition targets for your M&A strategy, or select the best location for greenfield investments of all types (e.g. manufacturing, services, logistics, R&D or headquarters).

  • Location Strategy

    Whether expanding facilities to new locations, relocating operations, optimizing your logistics network, or rationalizing your real estate portfolio, Conway Advisory has perfected the science of location strategy. Our process combines all the information necessary to evaluate potential locations, providing you with a well documented, objective, and comprehensive basis for making the right location decision.

    We help assess location factors that matter, giving you the confidence you need for successful execution of your next project.

  • Market Entry

    Whether gauging interest in new market opportunities or looking to establish market presence, Conway offers an end-to-end solution including examination of potential supplier and customer networks, regulatory environment assessment, and analysis of competitive landscapes.

  • Incentives Negotiation

    Our approach to identifying and negotiating incentives is centered on helping our clients establish their operations based on business fundamentals in addition to getting the best deals possible. Unlike other firms, Conway does not take commission on negotiated incentives packages. Why? We believe it challenges the objectivity of the consultant to make honest, third-party assessments with location-dependent financial gain in play.

    Count on Conway to be your honest incentives negotiator without the concern of conflicted interests.

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